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Morgan T, Parent

Orsch has provided a sense of community and belonging to our daughter that was really missing from the remote learning provided by her public school. It was beautiful to watch my daughter’s enthusiasm and confidence grow over the course of the program. Orsch has made a very positive impact on her life.

Anonymous, Parent

I can’t even imagine how you do it all… And do it well!!!! It just goes to show: never ever give up on a kid (or maybe, any person!??). It’s perfect. He is going to be so happy. He worked two jobs and took two full credits over the summer to catch up. I am so proud of him! Thank you for always being there for us!!!!!!

Grace E, Parent

Thank you and all of the teachers at Orsch for responding so positively to the situation. Gracie feels safe and supported. Orsch is a class act!

Kathy F, Parent

Thank you Jackie.  I want you to know that Orsch has been a fantastic thing for Erin and there has been such a turn-around in her attitude, interest level, approach, etc. Thank you so much for the work you all do with my kid.

Marcus L, Parent


I know Kellie already expressed both of our feelings, but I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wanted to say so in person this afternoon, but I had to run off to a meeting. You have (unsurprisingly) created a loving, caring environment in which to provide a top notch education to your students, and my daughter. In the short time she has been at your school, I have seen her spririt, confidence, and yes, sass, come back, and it brings me a great deal of happiness, and relief; my only regret is that we did not make this decision at the beginning of the school year. Better late than never I guess. Thank you Jackie.



P.S. I was really impressed with Ms. Elizabeth too.

Kelli P, Parent


Deb H, Parent

ORSCH is amazing in every way!!!

Jenn F, Parent

After 9pm and long day our kids are still engaged in conversation. We were trying to get them to settle and go to sleep. Questions questions questions abound. How the earth began, what is inside the earth, can I look at a picture of the core when we get home, can we google that, lets talk about cells, how many are there, what are they made of, are they like little bodies inside our body….and on and on and on. I say to Chris, do you remember thinking about stuff like this at that age? I don’t. He said he didn’t either. I asked him what he thought that was about. They are often like that. He said.. quite certainly…”It’s ORSCH” He is so right! Our children are more engaged than they have ever been. they have questions and they don’t stop there the insist on finding out the answers and seeking more. We LOVE IT! Thank you so much!

Crystal N, Parent

I can’t express my gratitude enough for what you, or Orsch, has done for my child, thank you thank you thank you.

Jenn F, Parent

Proud and honored to be a part of your dream. I hope you know that you don’t see my face in there, not because I am disinterested or dissatisfied, but rather that I have complete faith and trust in what you are doing with my children and feel such confidence in your decision making, that I just don’t need to hover about. Plus as you mentioned we are hearing all about it daily….sometimes in sooo much detail. With Thanksgiving approaching let me say that we are grateful for you, your team, and your vision….and that we have a gift in being part of all the orschy magic.  Sleep well at night knowing the difference you make!…let it also be said, I have a reputation for being hard to please and not afraid to let it be known. I am oh so very pleased!! Couldn’t be happier…really! So if your weren’t hitting the mark…you would know. LOL

Jen D, Parent

Orsch is a wonderful, welcoming community of kids and adults who work together to make learning fun. My daughter looks forward to the classes every day and doesn’t mind doing the “work” because the instructors are so passionate about their subjects (perhaps she hasn’t realized she is learning yet.) The instructors always make time to include everyone’s thoughts and opinions and never leave anyone out (even nosey parents who happen to hang around because the subject matter is just too interesting to walk out on). This program completes our homeschool with something I just can’t put my finger on – it’s just wonderful and I am so happy we discovered Orsch.

Amy V, Parent

Jackie – thank you for the inspiration and investment into Gem’s life!

Lizzie B, Grandparent

What an amazing lot of kids…so curious, interesting, and interested!

Pat M, Parent

Thanks for all the amazing creative and culturally rich learning and growing exercises that you make available. I am grateful for you and for Orsch! Thanks.

Darrin C, Parent

Thank you so much for all that you have done and keep doing for us and for Natasha to continue attending the excellent school that ORSCH is. We are VERY GRATEFUL!.

Deborah T, Parent

I just wanted you to know how much we love and appreciate you…for all that you do, for who you are and for what you’ve given our family and the community as well.

Bob T, Parent


WE BELIEVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacy M, Parent


I think and feel your program is absolutely wonderful! We are super happy with Ian’s progress and he is learning new things each and every day. I have faith in you and your teachers and program that it will be as wonderful as it was when we started the first of the year. I feel that ORSCH is a wonderful place and great environment for our children and thank you for having a space available for our son.

Jen J, Parent of an Orsch Grad

[They] told him that his reading was exceptionally high and would he like to be in advanced English! I believe his love of reading and writing became so much stronger thru you and your teaching ! thank you

Kari O, Parent

Today Orion found his math papers and told me, “this is hard, but at least you can have lots of help and other kids can help explain it and everyone actually works with you to try and help you learn it, not just write it for you and say see that’s how you do it.” He is no where near the frustration level as he was before at the PS. I think that he knows its hard, but getting all the good help he has been getting, and the support, he will figure this out!!! Thanks, its so nice to not see him in tears when he is talking about math !!!

Michael B, Parent

Hi Jackie,

I cannot tell you enough. Josh is a different kid, now.

I am SO amazed with how he loves school. He said he loves learning. He is no longer stressed about school.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know, AGAIN, how happy we are with Orsch.

Cara O, Parent of an Orsch Grad

All of her progress has much to do with the foundation she got from you and Orsch, and every day I am grateful to your work with her the past year and a half. I will always feel like the luckiest mom in the world to have discovered your program and been able to enroll Anna when she (and Fran and I) desperately needed it.

Jordan C, Orsch Teacher


You are so wonderful and an inspiration. Keep going with your fabulous ideas! They have wonderful outcomes! Thank you for popping into my life and giving my dream shape and reality by being a part of your dream! I think you’re my fairy god mother! Happy Thanksgiving!

Elizabeth W, Orsch Teacher

I am working off an old flash drive and just found a bunch of my stuff from my last semester of college… when I started working with Orsch. I found my first lesson plan ever, my thesis (inspired by my work at Orsch), and an action plan for becoming a teacher. I did it!!!!

Thanks for taking a chance on me and taking the time to inspire me. I love my job!

Jen S, Parent

I’m so thankful for you and for ORSCH – making a HUGE difference in Justin’s life and the lives of so many children and families!!

Sally H, Parent

Much gratitude to all of you teachers at Orsch. I’m amazed you are able to keep the tuition so affordable in exchange for the priceless education and memorable lifetime experience you are providing for my daughter and all of the students at Orsch. You have all been instrumental in making life changes for Sophie and for all of her family and we will always remember you for that.

Nicole N, Parent

Orsch brings such a wonderful sense of community and encouragement to my kiddos, they can’t wait for class! It’s a wonderful addition to our homeschool.

Susy G, Parent

With Orsch you & your students will connect with lovely, accepting peers & instructors and “Zoom” out the other side as happier, gentler people. This was definitely the case for us.

Sarita N, Parent

I wanted to tell you…. I asked Olivia how school was. She answered, “Fascinating.” I asked her to elaborate and she said, “it’s just awesome.” I asked for more and she said, “Mom, it’s just cool and fun.”
Thanks Jackie, we love Orsch. Our girl is very happy there. I don’t think she’s realizing that she is learning.

Brian B, Parent

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the quality of education Hazel is receiving at Orsch. I’m so impressed. Thanks for all that you do.

Kellie L, Parent

I almost fell over last week when I walked in to pick her up and she was on stage putting on a play. Two weeks ago, she wouldn’t even look her teacher in the eye. As far as we are concerned, you are a hero. She told me by day three, “Mama, I feel like I have been going to Orsch for a hundred years”. I wish we could adequately express our appreciation.

Cara O, Parent of an Orsch Grad


We applaud you and Orsch every day. Thank you for accepting Anna and all the others into the program who need it. Where would we/she have been if you had limited last year’s class to 25 students (I think Anna was the 26th), or had said that you didn’t want to disrupt the group by adding her in April? She is a changed child and we feel like the luckiest parents in the world to have been able to enroll her in your big-hearted program when we did. We would NEVER be the parents to say that the next family who desperately needs Orsch, like we did, should be turned away.



Barb H, Veteran Teacher

You go, girl! It looks good! I like it! Erin talked a lot yesterday about self-expression and Orsch seems to be strong on that aspect. I love your freedoms and experiences. Somehow though you’ve motivated kids so that they choose to do academics! you’ve found a way to have kids work hard because they know they will get some fun times as well. You have helped kids strive towards their potential. Don Juan (in Casteneda books) always talked of being “impeccable,” doing your best at all times. I think that is what Orsch has helped kids figure out. My best some days is to spend hours on a topic, and other days my best is to have some down time to relax the brain.

Good to see you yesterday! You’re so cute – even on your bike. I love this town.

Stacy M, Parent

Ian is loving school! Thank you for giving us an alternative for him to thrive in!

Meike M, Parent

Dear Elizabeth,

Your enthusiasm for teaching comes home every day with Lolo and I’ve been meaning to thank you for really inspiring her. She recently told me at dinner that she has decided that not wandering and finishing her projects make her feel really good, so thanks. That is a really big deal for our little fluttering butterfly child!

Barb C, Parent

i feel like my children are really thriving.

Barb H, Veteran Teacher

And we are all thankful for YOU and all you do! Jackie, it is such fun to be in the vicinity of your vortex. It is creative and flowing and bright and happy. I appreciate being able to be nearby. Have a great Thanksgiving w/ your friends and family. Wishing you much love and many hugs.

Pat M, Parent

Thanks for expecting the best in all of us :)

Erica B, Orsch Teacher

All of us teachers are so happy to be back, and feel very thankful to be in an environment where we can’t wait to go back to work! I hope your holiday was pleasant and restful like mine.

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