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About Orsch


A great supplement for traditional, or homeschool students!

Orsch provides engaging materials meant to supplement and enhance any curriculum, unit of study, or topic.


We offer after school programs, and school break virtual camps.

All students are welcome to participate in contests and challenges, awards and celebrations. These events are held after school!


Participation enhances desire to complete assignments and learn skills.


Community, Fun, and Inspiration!​

Students, parents, and educators will build relationships and enjoy the authentic community brought to you by the Orsch team and Orsch members.

We know that the route to a true sense of belonging is to value and celebrate each person’s individual differences.

Students look forward to learning with us; they are inspired to work hard and give their best.


Our events, gatherings, and activities lead to camaraderie, inspiration, silliness, and friendship.

We offer parents/learning coaches/teachers tons of great feedback, valuable conversation, and ideas!

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