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Whether you are home schooled, attend a traditional or private school, learn virtually, or learn within a hybrid virtual/in person program…


We are here to help make your learning life more fun, more inviting, and more engaging!

Should I use CAPS LOCK when typing Orsch?

No, you should not. We do not know why this is proliferating :)

What does Orsch stand for?

Orsch stands for One Room Schoolhouse. Orsch is an acronym that is as unconventional as we are, so we left the c in there to honor the word school. :)

Are any of the Orscproducts free?

Yes! Please feel free to utilize all of our grids, our projects, and our ideas for free! Just let us know what you think and we’ll utilize all of your feedback. Custom products are available upon request.

My child is in public school all day, how does this work for us?

Orsch has lots of engaging at home offerings so that any students can enjoy learning and creating independently. Orsch loves to help teachers as well. Have your child's teacher reach out!

Are there similar platforms out there?

We have yet to find similar platforms. Although there are many options for families and educators, none offer the same personalized, creative, student-centered, and student-led approach. Further, we have yet to find a program aimed at the social aspect of student offerings.

How does Orsccorrelate with standards or a school's curriculum?

Orsch is a supplemental program, not a curriculum. Our materials, activities, and events are all designed to help students feel more inspired and engaged in their learning and to offer valuable social opportunities.

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